Fairgrounds Nashville Improvement Project Update: The Week in Review: March 25-29

April 1, 2019

Construction Update

  • If you've been on the site in the last couple of weeks, you will have noticed big changes: Two weeks of consistently good weather means roofing is progressing quickly and skin is being added to Expo 3.
  • Sanitary sewer line installation from Nolensville Road continues.
  • The concrete slab for Expo Building 2 has been finished and the outdoor canopy pours for all expo buildings is underway.
  • Roofing for Expo 3 continued and is almost complete.
  • Building skin installations are in progress on Expo 3 in our signature "Fairgrounds blue" and gray color scheme. (See photo below.)
  • Steel erection on Expo 1 is proceeding rapidly.
  • Subcontractors continue hauling excess material off site nd bringing the Show Arena are to grade
  • The mechanical, electrical and plumbing continue the underslab utility installation beneath the sheds.
  • The advent of good weather means more trades are operating on site with an average of 30-50 workers per day.

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Expo Building 1 - roofing almost complete
Roofing is almost complete on Expo Building 1

Siding on Expo building 3
Siding in gray and "Fairgrounds blue" on Expo 3

color-coded site progress rendering
Schematic drawing shows completion of concrete pads in green