Fairgrounds Nashville Improvement Project Update: The Week in Review: July 1-5

July 8, 2019

Construction Update

  • Construction of restrooms is nearing completion, with the remaining partitions being installed as well as counter tops.
  • Expo 3 offices received the primer coat of paint.
  • At the rear of Expo 2, concrete dock aprons and ramps were poured over the course of the week.
  • Sanitary sewer line was installed in the courtyard.
  • Construction of the retaining wall is almost complete, with a few finishing touches left to complete.
  • Placement of pervious surface pavers at the sheds commenced late in the week.
  • The mechanical an electrical team continues to pull wire to HVAC equipment and completed conduit under Expo 2 roof units.

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Expo 3 interior view from rear
Interior view of Expo 3 from the rear.

Expo 2 loading dock
Nearly completed loading dock at Expo 2.