Fairgrounds Nashville Improvement Project Update: October 1, 2018 Update

October 1, 2018

Now that Metro Council has approved funding for new Fairgrounds exposition facilities the project team is working to establish a timeline for the upcoming improvements. Geotechnical work has begun which involves drilling into the ground and removing samples to determine the composition of the soil and rock in a defined area. This information will help determine the best approach for grading and the construction of foundations for new buildings, sheds and lots. Applications to both Metro and the State of Tennessee for permits relating to grading have been submitted. Strict regulations exist for the erection of silt/erosion fencing and control and management of runoff caused by construction. The permitting and inspection process takes approximately 30 days.

The team is discussing the addition of temporary RV hookups to other parts of the property as the hookups on roller coaster hill and the bus lot will be unavailable once power is disconnected and poles are removed in preparation for construction. Timing on any RV location change will be communicated on this page in the next few weeks. Nearby offsite parking options are being explored in the event, during construction, additional space is required. More details will be forthcoming on both these items as plans are still being finalized.

A kick-off utility meeting was held with NES, Piedmont Gas, Water Services/Stormwater, Public Works, Metro Planning, CAA/ICON, Populous, MarketStreet Enterprises, and Fairgrounds. Meetings with these agencies will continue as plans are developed to ensure there is adequate capacity to meet demand.

Two meetings have been held with the User Advisory Committee consisting of representatives from the flea market, State Fair, speedway, large exposition events, emerging events, small consumer shows, indoor sports, neighbors, and Friends of the Fairgrounds. The group has provided valuable insight that has resulted in better facility designs. It is anticipated that plans will be posted here in the next 3-4 weeks once design and estimating are complete.

Please assist in communicating that the Fairgrounds is open for business. The 2019 flea market schedule has been published and is available on the Flea Market tab on this website and the Fairgrounds Facebook page. Visit this site often as updates will be posted regularly.

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