Fairgrounds Nashville Improvement Project Update: The Week in Review: May 6-10

May 6, 2019

Construction Update

  • Installation of the building envelope and canopy at Expo 1 continues.
  • Steel erection for Shed 1 steel started this week and will continue into the next one.
  • Framing of interior offices in Expo Buildings 1 and three is ongoing.
  • Removal of soil and work to bring hardscaped ares to grade continues.
  • In Expo 3, framing of doorjambs began, as did framing of restrooms and the kitchen.
  • Electrical contractors worked on overhead rough ins in Expos 1 and 3.
  • Also in Expos 1 and 3, masonry block is being laid.


Bio-retention pond
Pictured above, one of the bio-retention ponds near Fair Park. As the plants grow, they will serve to prevent erosion.

Shed 2 steel erection progress
Steel erection on Shed 2 underway.

Color-coded progress schematic of construction
Steel erection on Shed 2 underway.

  • Dark green: roofing progress
  • Yellow: storm water progress
  • Light green: retaining wall
  • Blue: steel erection progress
  • Pink: domestic water progress