Fairgrounds Nashville Improvement Project Update: The Week in Review: April 1-5

April 8, 2019

Construction Update

  • In Expo 3, roof panels, wall panels and insulation are complete.
  • Construction of concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls at the overhead doors are underway.
  • Installation of the covered porch framing and roof panels for the porch have begun.
  • CMU construction at northwest restrooms and family restrooms is ongoing.
  • In Expo 2, excavation for the loading dock has wrapped up and floor grade excavation is underway.
  • Steel frame erection began in the last week in Expo 2 and began in Expo 1, the biggest of the three expo halls.
  • The stem wall and loading dock formwork and steel reinforcing is ongoing in Expo 2.
  • Slab prep for Expo 3's covered porch is underway.
  • Site work is 90 percent complete, site utility work is ongoing, and construction of the pads for the Show Arena and Sheds 2 and 2 have started.

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Expo 3 restroom construction
Restrooms in Expo 3 under construction.

Expo 3 interior roof complete
Interior of Expo 3 - the biggest of the three buildings - showing completed roof.

Expo 2 concrete slab
Expo 2 concrete slab.